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What shall we take on our trip?

This is always the big question before going on a trip.

One  of  the  things  we  have  to  know  is  how the  weather  in  Barcelona  is.  Normally,  the weather  is  very  stable  during  the year compared to other cities,  but  logically  summer  is  the season that we can enjoy the most, even reaching 35ºC (august is the hottest month). So, if  you  are  used  to  wear  warm  clothing  in  The  Netherlands  during  the  summer,  in Barcelona you can keep your warm clothes at home until the autumn/winter.

In autumn, the weather is still being pleasurable but a little bit fresh, between 15ºC and 21ºC.  You  can  still  see  the  sun,  but  rain sometimes  will  appear. So,  for this season, we recommend  you  to take warmer cloths like jackets or long pants, even an umbrella for if it’s necessary.

Winter is cold,  not compared with The Netherlands, because even if the temperature is low (5ºC), the feeling is different and less cold than in The Netherlands. But you should take the same clothes that you would use in winter in The Netherlands to be sure you won’t be cold although probably you won’t use gloves or scarf so often as in The Netherlands.

And finally spring, the crazy season of the year, you can find rainy and sunny days but the  temperature  will  be  almost  always  high.  You can  wear  simple  shirts,  jackets,  short or  long  pants  and  even  sandals  if  it’s  too  hot.  So  prepare  your  suitcase  with  different kind of warm and cold clothing, everything for in case if…  😉

Being a sunny and active city,  you will  notice that the streets are full of people almost every day. As regards toiletries, we recommend taking the  minimum as they weigh a lot and take up space in your suitcase. Besides,  you can  buy them there  for a similar price (a touch more cheap) compared to The Netherlands.

Telephone and Internet

It’s perfectly OK to take your Dutch phone, which will work whenever you have roaming activated. Local SIM cards can be used in European telephones. If you don’t wish to incur an expensive bill we recommend that you deactivate your phone’s roaming services before travelling.

Once you arrive in Barcelona you can connect to a Wi-Fi service when you require Internet on your phone, until you buy a Spanish smart phone.

To ring home we recommend that you buy a Spanish phone, checking beforehand which providers offer you the best deals to call to The Netherlands. At Hello World Holanda we are big fans of Skype, meaning that we also recommend it since you can make free worldwide video calls.


Departing from The Netherlands we only need our passport to travel.

If you’re going to live in Spain you will have to complete some paperwork for which you may need your birth certificate, passport photos, photocopies of your ID card and passport, meaning that we recommend you take them with you.


The Euro is also the currency in Spain. What’s more, credit cards are accepted in Spanish ATM’s and shops with no problems.

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