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“I wanted to thank Sonia for all your help and support at my arrival in Amsterdam. To change country it was never easy and that is why I decided to come with the security of being well advised buying the pack “Hello Job”. During the first week Sonia helped me with all the paperwork needed to live and work in the Netherlands. Even before arriving, we have worked on my CV, job search and how to face an interview in Holland. After all this preparation, I am one more of those clients who have managed to find a job before the fourth session of the Hello Job Method. In just two weeks after my arrival, I had a room in an apartment and a job as a receptionist in a hotel. In my experience, one of the main reasons I recommend hiring their services, if you come alone and without knowing anything or anyone, is saving time. They help with the when, how and where, and with all you have to do from your arrival and this saves you time, something very valuable because here everything is really expensive and time is money.”

Javier Sánchez (Pack Hello Job)

“In June I bought the pack “Hello Basic” to search for an accommodation in Amsterdam before my arrival. First, I can say that the organization of Hello World is excellent. Second, the information and assistance they provided me was very helpful to find an apartment in Amsterdam. Something that I value very positively and that makes you feel confortable in a moment of change, is that Sonia continuously follows the entire process, from helping you searching and finding an accommodation until you arrive at the airport in Amsterdam. Having someone waiting for you at the airport of the city where you move to (where everything is new, language, culture, ways of doing, etc) is priceless. And besides, that is Sonia! A person predisposed to help you in everything she can. Once I arrived to the airport, Hello World gave me the basic information about the city and the first steps to take, a Dutch phone sim card and a Chipkaart (public transport card). She also explained in detail how everything worked and even helped me to recharge the Chipkaart. Finally, she gave me all the indications to arrive to my final destination. I’m so glad I bought this service and that is why I recommend it to everybody who wants to come to live in Holland. You will not regret!”

Berta Giralt (Pack Hello Basic, Option: Accommodation)

“I am delighted to have found a company like Hello Wolrd . Sonia helped me preparing all that is needed to start looking for a job , LinkedIn profile, cover letter , CV and taught me good techniques and tricks to not loose any chance. The treatment is exceptional, Sonia does a lot of effort and dedication in the sessions. Thanks to her I can say that today I have a job in a place she helped me to apply and after the 3rd session I started working. I definitely recommend Hello World always that I have the chance.”

Nira Santos (Pack Already in NL: Method Hello Job)

“Hello World gave me the information and taught me about how to use many tools to find a job in the Netherlands. I was helped, beside other things, about to have a LinkedIn profile, cover letter and CV performed correctly for the Dutch market and these tools, well made, greatly increase the chances of finding work in The Netherlands. Hello World gives a lot of help with its career guidance, teach you how to take full advantage of these tools, how to prepare for future interviews and how to find good job opportunities according to your profile. Thanks to their help and advice I managed to find job in The Netherlands in one month since my arrival. Apart from the great help I received with career guidance, they gave me also a really good advice about all the legal formalities at my arrival (BSN, Chipkaart, SIM card, bank account, insurance, etc.) and a nice welcome at Schiphol giving me all the necessary documents and information to start the “adventure”. Always, it is important to work with someone who adores her job and focus so much in her clients and Sònia does this perfect. ”

Guillem Pons (Pack All Inclusive)

“Hi Sonia, has been a very special week and thanks to you and your advices I found a job! Too bad it’s not in Holland but really good is it to work in Apple ….in Athens! I was contacted through LinkedIn and they looked for people who speak Italian, Spanish and Portuguese with computer skills. When I saw it was Apple I almost died, so The Netherlands will have to wait, also I would like to attend the last session with you to thank you. Holland will have to wait but your tips are ideal to find a job in any country. Thank you very much.”

Rosario Giacomantonio (Pack Already in NL: Method Hello Job)

“Very interesting! I’ve taken the  Counseling session with Sonia and she gave me very useful feedback from my job search profile and has guided me on how I could focus my career in Holland. The advice is very important because Sonia knows what the Dutch labor market is searching and gives you tips and advise on how to differentiate the Spanish and Dutch labor market. Also, she has patience and explains very well. Recommended! ”

Natalia Florez (Career Orientation Session)

“I highly recommend the assistance and support from Sonia and Hello World to find an employment in the Netherlands. Thanks to the ” Hello Job Method ” I had the necessary support  to adapt my CV, get new and better search tools, being my search much more effective and accurate in how to apply to new job opportunities. Hello World gives Excellent commitment and dedication at all times.”

Marco Antonio Garcia (Pack Already in NL: Method Hello Job)

“My name is Angel Vinuesa, after almost a year in the Netherlands and all logistical issues already resolved, house, moving, car, etc …. I prepared to start looking for a job, my wife already came with a job from Spain so after a time being busy with logistical issues, learn Dutch and doing collaborations in an car export Spanish company I needed to find a full time job. After sending resumes without much success as I didn’t receive reply most of the times, I started to try to find solutions. Through a friend of our family who followed the Hello Job Method, I found Hello World and I contacted Sonia, she recommended me the Pack Already in NL (Hello Job Method). Through the sessions I could improve my CV and adapt it to the Dutch standards, design different cover letters , know in depth all the juice we can draw with LinkedIn and learn how to face an interview in Holland. Also, she gave me all the necessary tools to find a successful job in the Netherlands, highly recommended service. ”

Angel Vinuesa (Pack Already in NL: Method Hello Job)

“After several years in Holland decided to attend a career guidance session with Hello World Holanda, and I have only words of thanks for Sonia, one week after correcting my cv and my LinkedIn, I started receiving calls from different jobs, I encourage everyone to get her career orientation, because it gives great results.”

Balbina Melián (Career Orientation Session)

“In this hour of career orientation with Hello World we treated each point of my job search with a close, honest and professional vision. The work environment are constantly evolving so attending to  this session will help you to get closer to your objective: work in the Netherlands. It is certainly a step wise”

 José Cermeño (Career Orientation Session)

“I am now in an active job search and I arrived recently to The Netherlands so sometimes is difficult to understand the culture and how much can differ the job search between Spain and The Netherlands. I am very grateful for the help I have received from Sonia, her job search counseling has helped me to get more approximate to the demands The Netherlands and discover a new way to search and more efficient active job search channels ”

Pedro Ferriz (Career Orientation Session)

“Hello World is a personalized, excellent and professional service. I bought the pack of Hello Job and it helped  me a lot the correction of my CV and the simulation of job interviews. In the preparation of my CV, it caught my attention the details they took in account and how creative they were with my CV, they detected my qualities and values, that I honestly had not seen, and placed them on my CV . Also, I was advised to make a good cover letter to get the attention of the recruiters and I was advised about the importance and how powerful LinkedIn is in The Netherlands. About the interview simulation, the good thing is that they guide you and advise on how to structure and properly display the contents of your experience, they teach you on how to give more precise answers, and being more prepared for the questions of the recruiter. The best of the service is definitely the professionalism of Sonia, her support was crucial in this process and helped me face interviews with more confidence and optimism, to have a more visible Cv and gave me different types of tools to make more effective my job search. I 100% recommend this service. ”

Mar Bellas (Pack Already in NL: Method Hello Job)

“Hello World is a company that provides a wide variety of resources organized by topics so you can choose according to your needs. They offer a high quality service being fast and efficient when you buy the service. Hello World’s services are designed for all types of cultures and offers a lot of information about the country, which help a lot when you find yourself in an unfamiliar country. My opinion is that it is a good service and they are kind and very nice.”

Cristina Sánchez (Pack Already in NL: Accommodation Search)

“The option of choosing Hello World for handling my work as a Nanny in Netherlands/Holland has been definitely the best. Hello World has allowed me to live this experience in a safe and guaranteed way.”

Glória Muñoz (Au Pair/Nanny program)

“I did with them the “Hello Job Method”. After almost a year looking for a job in Holland, I decided to relaunch my CV with the help of Sonia and Hello World. With this program I was able to refocus my CV and make it more visible in networks like LinkedIn with a set of guidelines that Sonia gave me. With a careful treatment, specialized and individualized service, Hello World taught me how to move in such a complex market like the Dutch job market, they provided me with the tools for a more effective job search. ”

Alex Jarque (Pack Already in NL: Method Hello Job)

“Sonia thank you for your personalized assistance in improving my CV and the guidance you have given me regarding the job search, all the information you have given me has been really helpful for me to start this difficult task. I feel very positive and motivated after our meeting.”

Melissa Ospina (Career Counseling Session)

“I chose the service offered by Hello World called Career Orientation session because after several months seeking employment in Amsterdam, I realized I needed a change of approach and hoped that they could help me. In the session, Sonia helped me to modify my CV and my LinkedIn profile to suit the Dutch labor market. But not only that, she also gave me a lot of tips that I certainly know will be very useful. Definitely, she is a great professional who loves her job. I would recommend Hello World orientation to everyone who starts looking for a job in Holland because on our own is very difficult to know good how the labor market works in the Netherlands.”

Natalia Mendiola (Career Orientation Session)

“I chose the career orientation session and I’m very happy with the service. Sonia gave me very helpful tools and tips to start looking for a job in Holland with confidence and motivation. Highly recommended.”

Mirèia Nel.lo (Career Orientation Session)

“I loved working with Hello World. It is a close company with individualized services. With Sonia’s help I have made visible my professional profile in Holland. Following their advice I had some interesting and high quality interviews. I would recommend to all the people who is seeking for employment in the Netherlands to contact Hello World and ask them to guide you because they have a clear and precise vision of how to go step by step to achieve a desired result. Their service has added value for Spanish expats.”

Marina Smirnova (Pack Hello Job)

“Excellent workshop about how to find a job in Holland, taught by Sonia. In it I learned advanced notions of how to present my Curriculum and where, the importance of a good cover letter, and how to pass an interview with success. Besides, I met other people in a similar situation, sharing their experience of what they lived in the Netherlands. A fully recommended experience. ”

Juan Marquez (Workshop about Working in Holland)

“Hello Word has been essential for my process to find a family as an Au Pair.
You have helped me with all my doubts and quickly answered all my questions, even if they were silly. In addition, you provide a lot of security when choosing an Au Pair (police clearance, medical form, etc.) and a family. Thank you very much.”

Idoia Valverde (Au Pair in The Netherlands)

“After nearly three months of job search through different sites in Amsterdam I was a little discouraged and disoriented until I found Hello World.

I want to express my thanks to Hello World because they helped me to find my first job in the Netherlands. Now I feel stronger and more confident about myself, I and I am ready to continue facing new challenges in the future in this beautiful country of bikes and tulips.

Last week I did an interview with a company in Amsterdam and these days I’m in the week of training! THANKS Hello World for the tools and professionalism they gave me!”

Yesica Arellano, Peru (Pack Hello Already in NL: job)

“My meeting with Sonia was very rewarding. Besides being charming and being well prepared for her work, it was a great help to guide me in finding work. As a newcomer to Holland I felt a little disoriented and confused and not knowing where to start, but thanks to Sonia now I know how to start my job search: Adaptation of the CV to the Dutch standards, interview tips, employment agencies , etc.. Sincerely I recommend Hello World to all those people who are a little lost in this new adventure in the Netherlands.”

Verónica Alba, Spain (Career orientation)

“My orientation session with Sonia was a great help. You can tell she likes what she does and she knows perfectly the deficiencies or needs that we have all those who arrived in the Netherlands for the first time. In my case and after three months looking for a job without success, I decided to attend counseling sessions with Sonia and thanks to her I have now a CV adapted to Dutch standards, with a better cover letter and  tips to face a job interview and I know where to continue my job search.
Definitely I will recommend Hello World to all those who may need this help, not only for their professionalism but also for their treatment so nice and close.”

Verónica Jiménez, Spain (Career orientation)

“We all know how hard it is to find a job in a foreign country. Having the support of Sonia and her team of Hello World in that difficult task has been a great help and a privilege. Her treatment has been very professional and friendly and it makes me feel that I am now in the good way to achieve my goals.”

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