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As is normally the case when we move house, if you move to live in Holland you must inform and register with the authorities.

They will assign you with a BSN, an ID number, once you have registered (before known as a SOFI-nummer). This number will be given to you once and will be permanent. It roughly corresponds to what a Social Security number would be in Spain. (NI No. in the UK)

Once you decide to live there, and before 3 months, it’s important to register yourself, since it’s essential to have a BSN in order to complete the following paperwork:

Open a bank account. To open a bank account in some banks it is essential to show your BSN. They will also normally ask you for a work contract and/or a rental property contract (or a document that proves you live at the address you state). Some banks make it difficult for foreigners to open accounts, but for students the process is much easier.

Have a work contract. In order for the contract to be 100 % legal it’s necessary to inform the company of your BSN.

Purchase medical insurance. It is compulsory for everybody who lives and works in Holland to purchase medical insurance. You have three months to purchase it from the date of registration, although you will be billed from day one as it is applied retroactively.

If you need that we help you with all this paperwork you can check the section Services Live in Holland.

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