Living abroad: Visiting home for some days

Today I want to talk a little bit about what we feel when we live abroad and we go to back home for some days. As many of you know and I explain in the section About us, I’m from Barcelona and when I go to my city I have a lot of feelings even if I lived so may times abroad.

Arriving at Barcelona Airport I feel a lot of emotions and only the thought that I will again embrace my family and friends makes me smile just before taking my suitcase and go off from the plane.

I am very happy in Amsterdam and I like a lot the city but I love my city and I have the luck to be between two cities that I love and are fantastic.

It’s a funny feeling to return to my city after a few weeks or months and fully understand all the talk around me, to be able to intervene at any time in any conversation without having to think about if I pronounced good what I wanted to say. I love to watch people acting as I have ever seen but I also have to say that I love to see how Dutch people sometimes act different and sometimes it still surprises me .

I feel really good when I realize that living abroad , besides many other things, it has taught me to enjoy the moments in my city to the fullest .

Walking down the street and enter to the shops I know, talk to the girl in the shop about how will be the fashion in Spain this summer, be back in the bakery I used to go and buy my favorite breakfast that I didn’t eat for sometime and that, even if I also enjoy hagelslag, I missed so much, drink a beer under the sun with this good friend and update about how our lifes are, go to eat some tapas with my sister after giving a super big hug, go with my mother to the gym after she told me on Skype sometimes how much she would like that I go with her and see how happy she is, have dinner with my grandparents and all the family and enjoy all the great flavors of the food as always, be with my family, at home…, get on a taxi and talk about how hot it is ,hear how loud can the Spanish people talk in the train, walk around and see people  drinking beers, laughing and enjoying the good Spanish life … all this makes me feel happy.

I am happy to live abroad and that I like the place where I am but also be back home and realize all the good things that I have here and the good times that my city still gives me.

Also, I am so happy to see how people from my country can enjoy life so good in the middle of the big crisis we are suffering and in this moment I realize that the happiness and smile from Spanish people will never be removed.

What do you miss about your city? What do you feel when you go back? We want to know!


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