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In Barcelona there are two official languages: Spanish and Catalan. You need to know that at some moment someone can talk to you in Catalan as it is their language. But don’t worry; the people will have consideration and they will change to Spanish when they see that you don’t speak Catalan.

Since you are in Barcelona, you need to know it is one of the most touristic cities in Spain, so English services will be available for you most of the time. Barcelona is full of young people that should have a good level of English, but most of the old people will have problems with the English communication.

Anyway, in the case that you are going to work in Barcelona, the companies which you will work with will ask for a high level of English, although you will always have more options if you have at least a basic level of Spanish, or intend to learn it. Above all, if you’re thinking about staying in the country for some years we recommend that you learn Spanish from the beginning, since it will be received as positive in job interviews that the candidate intends to speak the native language.

What’s more, experience shows that apart from feeling more at home, if you learn Spanish you’ll generally be more appreciated and accepted by the natives for making the effort to learn their language.

If you want to live in Barcelona, learn basic Spanish before you come. Practice! You’ll have advantage when you arrive.

If you would like to find Spanish, Catalan and English courses in Barcelona, feel free to ask us.

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