How I found a job in Holland by Verónica Jiménez

Today, in this post, Veronica Jimenez will tell us her experience in The Netherlands. Veronica came to do an orientation session a little discouraged because of the time she had been in Holland without finding a job but eager to find a solution and  start working as soon as possible. She left from our session more motivated and looking forward to start working on her job search and it looks like is going good with her. In Hello World we are happy about this. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your story with us Veronica!

I arrived to Amsterdam already 7 months ago (and it seems like yesterday …). I arrived with my suitcase full of hopes for a new life in a place that was new and exciting for me, but also I brought some sadness because of having to leave my family, my friends, my country and my comfort zone, really.

I knew things were not going to be easy on my arrival. I had to find a home (really difficult task in this country), adapt to a new culture, a language of which I knew absolutely nothing and, of course, find a job.

As often happens when you are still in your home country, everything you hear about the people living abroad is that there is a lot of work, you will earn a lot of money and that the quality of life is very high. When I was listening to this I though probably not everything was so perfect but surely the situation would be much better than in Spain, we all know that lately our country is in its darkest hours.
In my case I had bad luck, like many other young people arriving to the labor market in this time of crisis. The few jobs I had in Spain were poorly paid and were temporary.
Thinking how I could use better my time, I decided to start a new degree. I thought this would open the doors to better jobs, but did not. Time passed and I desperate every day more.

Months later I began to see the light. My boyfriend had the opportunity to be moved with the same company to the Netherlands and we decided to go for it. I immediately decided to go with him. I had nothing to lose and I could always go back to Spain if things were not going well.

At this point, I started looking for a job with the problem that I didn’t know the language (Dutch) and my English was not as good as it should be, but I thought it would be much easier than in Spain, whether those barriers.
The reviews I read of people from my country were  not hopeful. I found it very difficult to find a job via the internet since many of the jobs were in Dutch and I was not sure that neither my resume or my letters were correct and, to top, nobody answered to my job applications, so I started to think that was a mistake to come here. I had to leave my life in Spain and I wouldn’t get a job here either.

After three months of searching without success, I found Hello World and I decided to attend counseling sessions with Sonia. It helped because I’m convinced that if I have a job is because Sonia helped me to improve a lot my resume and cover letters and adapt them to the country standards. I don’t know if it was coincidence or not, but from that time companies started to answer my requests even if was only to give me a negative response (which never did before).
Shortly I got two job interviews (one thanks to the mediation of Sonia) and they accepted me in both so I had to choose one of the jobs.

Although it was a temporary job I felt very happy to have done it and very grateful to Hello World. I had managed to find my first job in the country and I knew it would give me access to future work.
After completing this work, I started again with the job search. Things seemed to get complicated and I started thinking that my previous job was only a matter of luck.

I started sending my resume and I told myself that if the answer was no I would go back to Sonia to continue with one month orientation. Within half an hour I received a call from the place I had given my resume. They wanted to interview me the next day. I went to the interview and that same day they called me and they hired me.

Maybe it’s not my dream job, and it has nothing to do with my career, but I am very happy about it because little by little I feel I have my place in this country and on the other hand I already feel like Holland is my second home.


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