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Finding accommodation in Barcelona is not easy and it is important to know where to look for a good quality/price offer. At Hello World, we can help you make it easier by tailoring your request, if you wish, with our services.

Given that there are different cases and situations, we’re going to inform you of the different types of accommodation you can find, considering that through our experience we know there are people who prefer to arrive with a flat or room already rented, and others who prefer to stay in a hostel or hotel for the first few days and then look for permanent accommodation once they arrived in Barcelona.

  • Hotels 

Hotels in Barcelona are normally used for touristic trips and are very welcoming and have very pleasant staff. You have to know that this will be the most expensive option.

  • Hostels 

A good option is to stay in a hostel the first weeks. There are wide varieties in Barcelona. It’s a good option when you travel as a group, or because they give you the opportunity to meet other people from abroad who are in the same situation as you. In Barcelona you can find hostels from €20 or less a night in a dormitory.

  • Rent a room/flat/house 

The option of renting a room in a shared flat is a good, economical and fun idea. Costs are normally divided between tenants and it gives you the opportunity to live with other people from overseas or with Spanish people, thus allowing you to learn their language and culture. Universities usually help students find accommodation.

If, however, you have a bigger budget and prefer something more private, another option is to rent a flat or house. The average price of a flat is usually around €900, but you get more for your money. The majority of flats are on offer through agencies who normally charge a month’s rent as a service fee. In addition, you will need to pay a 1 or 2 month deposit to the owner.

At Hello World we would like you to consider where you live carefully before choosing a location, since where you live will strongly influence your overseas experience and the friends you make.

If you need help with renting an accommodation in Barcelona, let us help you!

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