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In this section you can see the profiles from Hello World candidates clicking on the name. If you are interested in one of these candidates you can contact directly or ask us about her/him.

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  • Paola Bueno – “I am a Spanish Native Speaker with an advanced English and Italian level and I am really interested in learning Dutch. I have studied a Bachelor and a Master degree in Psychology and currently I am studying a Master in Social Coaching because I am passionate about the Human Resources field. My professional experience has been focused in sales, promotion of events and customer service. I am a proactive and flexible person who works hard and passionately towards reaching the excellence in everything I do. I would like to to find a new professional opportunity in the HR field and Customer Service where I can work in a team from different cultures and use my enthusiasm about the customer combined with my developed communication, problems solving and decision-making skills.”
  • German Reverte – “I´m an Industrial Engineer experienced in renewable energies, solar energy and in general experienced in efficiency energy. My experience is mainly in projects of modernization of irrigation communities in Spain. Also, I have been collaborating in international projects in Africa (Ghana) related to the agricultural improvement. I´m proactive, dynamic with good leadership skills, facility to work in teams with a high sense of responsibility. I empathize, I have the capacity of taking good decisions, being creative and always innovative applying engineering technics and tools. My objective is to work with people who are specialized in the industrial area, and learn from their knowledge in order to increase mine. Also I would like to learn more about design and the whole engineering process involved, where I can express my ideas and implement them.”
  • Ignacio Montes – “I am a native Spanish speaker with a Proficiency level of English, Advanced level of Basque and Basic knowledge of Turkish. I have worked as a Project Manager, where I have been in constant contact with clients and companies and, besides, I also have worked as a shop assistant in two different companies. I am a very hard-working and result oriented professional and I have very good skills when it comes to dealing with difficulties and problems clients might have. I am also very creative and eager to continue learning things every day. My objective is to gain more experience in the field of customer service, sales and international commerce.”
  • Karla Medina – “I am a Customer Service professional with more than five years of significant experience, looking for an opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills to contribute to an international and dynamic company growth and at the same time enrich my professional career.
    I am a Native Spanish speaker with Advanced level of English and Intermediate Dutch with excellent communication and problem solving skills”
  • Julia Ojeda – “I am native Spanish speaker, fluent in English and intermediate Portuguese. With over 4 years of experience in Marketing, Sales and Customer Service in multinational companies. I possess excellent communication, stakeholder management, analytical, research and problem solving skills, results oriented, persuasive and strong presentation abilities. Looking forward to develop my career, improve my knowledge and skills and achieve company goals.”
  • Arturo Muñoz – “Native Spanish Speaker with Advanced English level. Currently I am studying Dutch. During the last year I have gained practical knowledge in my hometown running a business with other two partners, a martial arts school on which I were working in Administration and Account Managing. Experience dealing with problems and people. I am analytical, enthusiastic, flexible and good team player. Now I am seeking for a partial-job suitable with my bachelor in TU Delft University.”
  • Sílvia Andrade – “Engineer with experience of over 10 years in hydraulic and civil works.I started my career in the field of civil engineering and hydraulics in 2002. After four years working as public construction manager I continued developing my career as Technical Assistance in Project Hydraulic Management and Water Distribution Systems.”
  • Francisca Cordero – “I am a native Spanish speaker with an Advanced English level and Intermediate Italian. I have extensive experience developing communication projects, both in the written level, as digital. Thanks to this, I have learned to be deeply tidy and organized, as it allows me to meet the objectives that I set with my stakeholders, within the agreed time.Currently I am looking to continue my professional development in an environment with a different culture and language, which will certainly be a great challenge and a tremendous learning.”
  • Irene López – “Native Spanish with an Intermediate English Level. I am a kind, social, responsible, hard worker with excellent community skills Logistic and Supply Chain Technician. I have experience as shop assistant and in the Customer Service and Tourism fields. I am looking for an opportunity to work in one of this fields.”
  • Astrid Paredes – “Proactive, enthusiastic and results orientated profesional Account manager with 5 years of experience who has a professional, polite and helpful manner when dealing with customers.
    I’m a native spanish speaker, with good level of English and currently learning Dutch.
    My aspiration is to continue my career with a company who offers me the opportunity to upgrade my skills and experience as well.”
  • Yolanda Oltra – “I am a creative, positive and hardworking individual, who strives to achieve the highest standard possible, at any given task. A motivated and responsible Administrative professional with an extensive background in Management skills, Publicity and Customer Service. Native Spanish speaker with an upper intermediate level of English, intermediate Italian and basic Dutch. Always willing to learn and enjoy new challenges.”
  • Míriam Barros – “I am a Spanish girl, with an intermediate level of English, who is looking for new jobs opportunities in The Netherlands. I am an Electronic Engineer with three years of experience as sales assistant, and I define as a responsible and hard worker person, with ability to adapt to change. Currently, I am free from family responsibilities and I have flexible working hours.”
  • Alexis Barragán – “Native Spanish Speaker with Advanced English level and Basic dutch. Currently I am studying dutch, working at Pull&Bear.and developing my own website. The last nine years I ́ve gained precious and invaluable experience in my hometown working as Production Assistant, Journalist, Internal Communication, Community Manager and Costumer Service. I am analytical, creative, enthusiastic, flexible and good team worker, with excellent social communication skills. I have capacity of organization, planning, foresight and resolution.I have a great sense of diplomacy and negotation and also I ́ve developed abilities to deal with costumer problems and quickly solve them.”
  • Mabel Serpa – “Systems Engineer with more than 10 years of technical and functional experience in Peru and Spain, in different industries such as insurance, telecommunications and public sector. Native Spanish speaker with good level of English for working in an international environment and training in Dutch language, seeking a job in which I can use my knowledge and experience in an innovative and flexible company which could offer me the opportunity to learn and further my professional development. Responsible, able to analyze and resolve problems, a team player, committed, adaptable and willing to learn.”
  • Nira Santos – “Spanish is my native language, I have an Intermediate English level, and I am currently learning Dutch. My professional experience in Coca Cola gave me a wide understanding of the organization and management of teams and workgroups within a company, while my job in Repsol provided me skills for team working within projects. Due to the skills acquired working as a volunteer around the world I am very proactive, efficient, flexible and I feel very comfortable working within international environments. I am keen motivated to face new challenges.”
  • Laura Martínez – “Native Spanish girl with an advanced level of English. When I finished my Bachelor’s degree as a Spanish teacher in the University of Murcia I came to The Netherlands to look for new opportunities and personal development. I am a good team worker since I am talkative and a social person. I also see myself as a sympathetic listener and a driven woman. Learning new skills is a permanent goal in my life and that’s why I would like to improve and surpass my limits.”
  • Julieta Meneses – “Marketing professional with 7 years of experience developing and launching products and their communication strategies. My native language is Spanish but I also speak English, Dutch and French. I am a hard worker and I like to work well with others, in order to stimulate sales and develop markets of goods or services through Marketing Communications.”
  • Marco Antonio García León – “I speak native Spanish, advanced English and intermediate Dutch (currently learning). I have a Law Degree and three years’ experience in the legal & administrative area, with a strong emphasis in documentation, research, client service and problem-solving. Deep interest in social service and environment’s welfare, working in an international environment is normal for me.”
  • Cristina Gómez – “I am a native Spanish/Catalan speaker. I have an upper intermediate level of English and a basic level of Dutch. I am currently studying a Bachelor in Architecture from The Netherlands. I am responsible, organized, good team worker and very patience. At the same time, I am a fast learner and I can empathize with different people. My main experience is in Customer Service, Sales and in Restaurants. Currently I am looking for a new opportunity and willing to learn.”
  • Beatriz Orús – “I am a very responsible and motivated professional with a broad experience in an international context. In my working background I have developed expertise in Marketing , e-commerce, Sales, Logistics and Customer Service. I have more than six years of practice in personal counselling, selling and helping people to take better options. Attention to details and finding solutions are key to customer satisfaction.
    I speak native Spanish and Catalan, English, Dutch and French. I have degrees in Marketing, Dietetics and Tourism. I look for an opportunity to work in a dynamic organization, customer oriented and with an international projection, where I can provide valuable insight and results.”
  • Natalia Mendiola – “Chemical Engineer working in different companies on contract administration roles. Responsible to verify material status and delivery, invoicing process, internal expediting, gathering information from multiple sources into the corporate database and reporting to management. I’m very enthusiastic and goal-oriented person with excellent organizational skills. Spanish as mother tongue and fluently in English. Long-term goals involve growing with a multicultural company where I can continue to learn.”
  • Mar Bellas – “I am an enthusiastic native Spanish girl with an upper intermediate English level. After studying a Bachelor in Law, I worked in different legal departments for several companies for almost 3 years. Flexible, easy to adapt to changes and passionate person, seeking to achieve career progression and personal development, I decided in November 2013, to study a Master Degree in Marketing. My eagerness to acquire new skills and to gain professional satisfaction made me take this decision. After having recently moved to Amsterdam, I am now seeking for a new and exciting career in an international and dynamic environment that will enables me to learn and grow both in personal and professional aspects. In addition, I am responsible, good team worker and with excellent communication skills.”
  • Almudena Toquero Ortiz De Pinedo – “Native Spanish speaking girl with an upper intermediate level of English, an intermediate level of German and intermediate I level of Dutch.
    I am responsible, sincere, and enthusiastic, with high communications skills and a great experience in leading, coordination and motivation teams to achieve goals, and with the management of customers. I have an extensive experience in Finance, Sales and Customer Services.”

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